October 21st 2015

A nice black car all of a

sudden appears out of

thin air they’ve made it

two more refugees to add

to a camp somewhere in

Europe amongst all those

poor people fleeing their

countries feeling neither

welcome nor at home in

ours Russia and the USA

reach an agreement not

to shoot each other while

bombing the fuck out of

Syria Marty would love

to fly one of those fighter

planes one day the border

between North and South

Korea opens up for just

twelve hours Arsenal plays

Bayern M√ľnchen but I have

no idea what that means and

on the radio Calvin asks how

deep is your love and Justin

answers what do you mean

it’s easy love it’s lush life if

these words sound corny switch

them off I don’t care The Doc and

Marty lost in a camp full of

refugees in a world that is real

and I would have never imagined

that I would live to see the day

where we rather go back to the

future than forward to the past.